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Pickup From doorstep to Service Center
Inspection Detailed Inspection with Quotation
Approval No work without approval

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Updates Auto-update over mail/sms
Invoice Detailed breakup of every work
Payment Pay online before delivery

What is Pitstop?

Multi-brand Aggregator
Pitstop has scouted 300+ service centers and picked out the best 35 who adhere to high standards set by Pitstop
Tech-enabled & Process centric
Pitstop uses time-established process to ensure perfection in its work along with cutting edge technology to enhance the experience of the service.
Complete car care
We cater to all car needs from tyre puncture, jumpstart to general service, denting & painting even accidental cases.


Pitstop is exactly what the sleepy pre-owned car service market has needed for decades. We are a network of branded car service garages, where we connect car owners with multi-brand garages all under one roof in an organized, efficient and safe environment. Car owners avail our comprehensive car care services, be it as simple as Washing & Detailing, as urgent as Emergency Car Care, or as complex as Car Service, Pitstop is your one stop solution to maintain the health life of your beloved car.

We've unearthed the underlying processes that goes on to your car while servicing. With fair and transparent processes, we aim to bring complete visibility and eliminate wrongful upselling practice that has been going on in the Car Service industry for decades. We have no car mechanics to pay, no real estate costs for huge service garages, no costly (it adds up) single-serve coffee machines in the lobby. Because of that, we guarantee that car owners will have to pay much less than at any garage, and Pitstop Certified Garages earn more than working in isolation.

Pitstop also takes care of all the transactional drudgery. We ensure that your payment for your car service is quick & hassle-free. Finally, if for some reason you are not satisfied with the service, you have ten days to claim for a full refund.
NO, we are not. But we are, virtually - Your Own Private Garage. We are indeed a network of branded car service garages who adhere to Pitstop processes and believe in our core values of Transparency & Integrity. All we do is transfer your car service requests/orders to these Pitstop Certified Garages where we ensure that each service order request is done with 100% TRANSPARENCY, follows with pitstop processes, uses GENUINE parts, and delivers AMAZING customer experience.

Together we aim to open up the Car Service ecosystem and make things easier for car owners thereby creating a sustainable & healthy ecosystem for all our stakeholders.
If you have ever been outraged with the upselling by your car service provider due to lack of knowledge, transparency, and trust, we understand your pain.

At Pitstop, we aim to solve these core problems pertaining to car servicing industry by providing *FREE Service Warranty up to 1 year/10,000 kms, upfront Service Cost, 100% Transparency through Service Inspection Report, Genuine Spare Parts, Convenience, and Quality car service. We also provide Pick up and Drop services so that busy professionals, who are left with very little time to maintain their cars, can just sit and relax while we get your car a new makeover, through our diversified car care services.
Once we receive order request from you, we transfer the order to one of our Pitstop Certified Garages nearest to your location. In case you wish to avail services from a particular Pitstop Certified Service Garage, we will honor your request and will transfer your order accordingly.
Every Pitstop Car Service (either Periodic Maintenance or General Car Service) entitles you FREE warranty of 1year/10,000 Kms, whichever comes early. It covers the work done during the service but not wear&tear parts. Parts are covered under warranty as per manufacturer.
Before doing car service (either Periodic Maintenance or General Car Service), we do a thorough general inspection of your car so that any major/minor issues can be identified. Post this, a Service Inspection Report is generated which is a miniature version of the Car Report Card.
Don't worry. In case you are not satisfied with the service you get, you can claim for the refund within 10 days after the order is delivered under our "10 Day Money Back Guarantee" scheme and we will pay back your hard-earned money subject to Terms and Conditions.
Just go on Booking Form and fill out few details regarding your car. Hit "Book Now!" and that's it. Sound pretty simple, doesn't it?
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